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Note that clicking the page banner will bring you back to this page, as will either of the small motorcycle icons flanking it. Clicking on the bikes on any of the sister sites will do the same. If you are having trouble reading the text, click the page subtitle and it will refresh with a different background. Although prices will be posted for most everything, you'll notice that there are no "buy" buttons: much like at Big Twins, I like to know something of what you have in mind. After some discussion (and your final decision) I'll send you a PayPal invoice and once you pay it I'll ship out 1) right away if it's something I stock, 2) as soon as I get the part(s) (back) from the machine shop or the manufacturer/warehouse, or 3) as soon as I get your usable cores. I've been told to expect one to two months turn-around. Note that this site has pretty much reached its final form; it is now a matter of fleshing out the descriptions and getting the sister sites to function.

On those items priced "Indeterminate": these are items I should like to carry, but as for yet don't have a secure source. I'm scrambling, but I am just so small that the monster mfg and distributors refuse to sell to me. They can't see me as competition: Look at Patrick Racing, ATI ProCharger, Athena USA. and Falicon - these are large operations who aren't afraid of the little guy.

You may note that my prices are a trifle pricier than the other guys. My prices include shipping (to you) and all the OEM gaskets that your build takes. The parts are heavy and insurance is not cheap - remember that I must pay shipping back-and-forth to the places where machine work is done as well. A simple top-end swap can take $250+ worth of gaskets and crush washers (please don't reuse them). If you turn your own wrenches, you will never have to leave your shop because of the bike. If you are having a speed shop do everything (recommended - make sure that they have a dyno onsite) they will not have to chase parts on your account.

Also note that I can get genuine OEM parts for any of the Big Four - motorcycles only and (for some reason) not all models. I need full model designations (those numbers and letters after the model name). It will probably be less costly to order them from me including shipping than to get them from your nearest dealer. And no attitude to deal with.

Model specifications are listed where available. However, I can find no values for cam valve lifts nor durations; either for stock or for after-market. As we develop our own this information will be provided.

Here's a few of our vendors.

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